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By now, you understand the complexity of federal government contracting. It is more complicated than the U.S. tax code. You have realized the need for expert assistance to obtain, perform, and profit on these contracts.

This is your home.

We have been helping contractors since 1968. We have provided counseling and prepared requests for equitable adjustment, claims, negotiation, and defense of government claims. And we litigate. We know the regulations, the case law, the best practices management techniques, the risk assessment considerations, the pitfalls and landmines to avoid, the way to establish the proper relationships with contracting officers, the various ways to avoid conflicts and disputes, and how to take the issues through litigation if necessary.

In short, you have found a home for a cradle-to-grave approach to assistance with managing your federal government contracts.

And one of the arrows in our quiver is the reputation for going to trial and winning. We are known to be able to pull rabbits out of hats. We helped make and develop the case law precedent that is relied upon by the federal government tribunals. We are uniquely positioned to suggest and implement trial strategies and tactics to get through some litigation delays and produce a winner.

We are excited that you have found us.

We love what we do and look forward to serving you enthusiastically. Keep reading, and you will see more details about what we do. But just a word about why and how we do it. We don’t like running up big bills like the ones you see from those big law firms. We are indeed lean and mean. We do it because we like to be on the winning team, and dealing with this challenge is fun.


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